Here you can find information about a number of different competitions First Story runs throughout the school year for both First Story schools and other state secondary schools. If you have any questions about competitions, please email for further information.


The First Story National Writing Competition is now open for entries.

The deadline is midnight Wednesday 23rd November!

Find out more about how to enter the competition here.

Six-Word Story Competition

The deadline for the Six-Word Story Competition is midnight Thursday 20th October.

Only open to current First Story students.

Students are invited to submit short stories of six words. The winning entry – selected across all First Story schools – will be printed on a pencil. Unfortunately this competition is only open to First Story students. Please email your stories to

Previous winners include:

Tried being normal. Worst two minutes. Lauren Gacheru.
Went to shops. Won lottery. Sorted. Jordan Wildman.
Happy endings are just unfinished stories. Nicola Kerry.
Broke Pencil. Bought Pencil. Broke Pencil. Ezra Glasstone.

The winners will be announced in December 2016.

100-word Story Competition

The deadline for First Story’s 100 word story competition is midnight 26th January 2017.

Only open to current First Story students. 

The First Story 100-Word Story Competition is open to First Story students only. Schools send First Story a shortlist of three entries, and a winner will be selected from each school. Each winner’s story or poem will be printed on a professionally designed postcard. 10 copies of the postcard will be sent to the winning schools.

The entries can be themed on any subject, and can be a poem or prose.

We must have an IP consent form for each student who has a piece entered into the competition. If teachers have not already sent IP consent forms in for the whole group, please do so immediately and note which students have been submitted to the 100 word competition for your school. IP consent forms can be downloaded here.

Examples of last year’s winners can be downloaded here.

Students should submit entries to their Writer-in-Residence, who should then send us their three favourite stories to


The competition is now closed for entries. Stay tuned for more details about the 2016-17 competition.

Only open to current First Story students.

Walkopedia is dedicated to unlocking and sharing the secrets of the world’s best walks, and once again they are inviting all First Story students to write about a memorable walk they have taken (or even an imaginary walk). In either prose or poetry form, we want to hear your stories, whether about reaching a summit, wandering a coastal track or losing yourself on a stroll in the woods; or about a walk to the shops or exploring a strange place. The prizes this year, provided by Walkopedia, include £200 for First Place, £100 for Second Place and £50 for Third Place. We’ve received some incredible entries over the last two years, which you can read about here to get inspired and start writing.

A list of FAQs can be downloaded here