Where we work

We have come a long way since our pilot project in one London school. Today, First Story runs creative-writing residencies in over 40 challenging secondary schools in the East Midlands, Lancashire, London, Oxfordshire and Yorkshire.

We have plans to expand our programme and reach more young people across the country, so please keep an eye on our website for future developments.

If you are a First Story teacher or writer-in-residence, please visit our Community page.

If you are a school or writer and would like to enquire about working with First Story, please contact us here.

Schools and Writers 2013-2014

East Midlands
School Writer
Babington Community College John Berkavitch
The Dukeries Academy Matt Black
Hadden Park High School John Berkavitch
Judgemeadow Community College Irfan Master
The Lancaster School Irfan Master
Nottingham Academy –  Greenwood Site Graham Lester George
Nottingham Academy – Ransom Road Anthony Cropper
Nottingham Emmanuel School Nicola Valentine
Nottingham University Samworth Academy Cathy Grindrod
Queen Elizabeth’s Academy Kevin Fegan
School Writer
Matthew Moss High School John Siddique
School Writer
Acland Burghley School Shauna O’Briain
Burlington Danes Academy Lou Kuenzler
Cranford Community College Ross Raisin
Forest Gate Community School Anthony Anaxagorou
George Green’s School Laura Dockrill
Highbury Grove School Salena Godden
Holland Park School Frances Wilson
Islington Arts and Media School Anthony Cartwright
King Solomon Academy David Reynolds
Lambeth Academy James Dawson
Loxford School of Science and Technology Laura Dockrill
Oaklands Secondary School Alice Albinia
Pimlico Academy Roland Chambers
Queen’s Park Community School Francesca Beard
Quintin Kynaston Community Academy Leo Benedictus
Skinners Academy Courttia Newland
St. Augustine’s CE High School Philip Womack
Saint Gabriel’s College Diana Evans
St. Martin-in-the-Fields High School for Girls Caroline Bird
Wembley High School Peter Hobbs
Willowfield Humanities College Caroline Bird
Woodside High School Edward Platt
Floating Writer Kate Kingsley
School Writer
Cheney School Julie Bolitho-Lee
Larkmead School Tim Pears
Oxford Academy Alan Buckley
Oxford Spires Academy Kate Clanchy
School Writer
Belle Vue Boys School Richard MacSween
Carlton Bolling College Andrew McMillan
Feversham College Kate Fox
Online writer-in-residence (Facebook) Jonathan Lee








Previous writers

Since our launch, we have been fortunate to work with a host of acclaimed writers, including:

Rebecca Abrams  ∙  Diran Adebayo ∙ Raffaella Barker ∙ Clare Brown ∙ Ben Faccini ∙ William Fiennes ∙ Chelsea Flood ∙ Romesh Gunesekera ∙ Julie Hearn ∙ Shahrukh Husain ∙ Eireann Lorsung ∙ Irfan Master ∙ Hisham Matar ∙ Jean McNeil ∙ Daljit Nagra ∙ John O’Farrell ∙ Nii Parkes ∙ Marie Phillips ∙ Mahendra Solanki ∙ Deborah Stevenson ∙ Matt Thorne ∙ Alex Wheatle ∙ Amanda Whittington ∙ Louisa Young ∙

If you are a school or writer and would like to enquire about working with First Story, please email us as info@firststory.org.uk.

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