Chocolate Box by Nottingham Girls’ Academy

How do you teach writers to write? The truth is, you don’t. There’s no formula, manual or step-by-step guide and even if there was, no artist should follow the rules. We all have to find our own way, and crucially, our own individual voice. Ask ‘what do I care about? What makes me angry? What am I burning to say?’ That’s what great writing is and this is what First Story seeks to discover.

Amanda Whittington, First Story writer-in-residence at Nottingham Girls’ Academy

A Love Letter to…


By Ewa Skotak

Doo-doo, ba-bah, dah-doo-rah!

Oops… I’m so sorry, it’s the wrong poem, sorry!

I write to you because I want you to know that you’re the one I

adore the most. I adore you for your angriness, for the freedom

that you share with me while I listen to you carefully.

I have never disrespected you, oh no. I have always understood

you, even when your scream almost made my ears blow up. Hey,

remember when you cried about how you hate everything about

me and why do you love me? Once you were screaming from the

forest that you will not die and you’ll wait there for me. Or what

animal you’ve become, or about how MUSIC understands me…

oh, or when you said that ‘we don’t need no education and that

you don’t need no thought control’. I want you to know that I

used my iron will to write to you and I am not proud of the


Words are not enough to express my feelings.


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