ETC. by Acland Burghley School

It was hard work and imagination, combined with the sheer good luck of having assembled a group of such lively, talented and supportive individuals. ‘They were willing to take on every challenge I threw at them’.

Marie Phillips, First Story writer-in-residence at Acland Burghley School


By Eliot Edmonds

I remember cutting my arm when I smashed through a window

and having to wear a big bandage.

I remember when we used to sing songs in my nursery.

I remember eating sweet rice at Chinese New Year.

I remember going to visit my new school.

I remember making up lots of games to play on the Tower at my


I remember being sad because I wasn’t good at sport, but all my

friends would support me.

I remember scoring my first goal in football but still knowing I

wasn’t going to be a footballer.

I remember arriving in Norfolk and it was always really dark.

I remember staying up really late at sleepovers.

I remember having ice cream at the beach and my mum and I

would always sit on the bench with my two brothers and my


I remember having bonfires in the back field and having to cut

down all the brambles.

I remember picking raspberries and blackberries in summer.

I remember going to buy sweets with my grandma in her red


I never remembered having picnics in the garden with her, but I

was always asked if I would, and I would say yes… I don’t

know why.

I remember when my grandma died and I was so sad at the funeral

I couldn’t stop crying.

I remember building rafts in the Build-a-Boat race.

I remember always being second best at maths in my primary


I remember going to Cornwall to see my grandpa and stepgrandmother

with their dog.

I remember swinging on the rope swing in Cornwall and being

scared that I would fall off.

I remember playing in the garden in my grandpa’s house in


I remember going to the stony beach and playing at the river


I remember going to Sri Lanka and having to climb out of the

bungalow we were staying in to get away from the Tsunami.

I remember the kind family who let us stay with them for a night

after the Tsunami.

I remember having to drive for ten hours to Colombo after the


I remember being bored during the journey so I counted… I don’t

remember what number I got to.

I remember in Year 5 at Easter I went to see my grandpa who was

ill. I didn’t know I wouldn’t see him again. He died on the

Easter Sunday.

I remember going to the funeral and falling asleep because of the

music playing for the funeral.

I remember singing the song ‘Sailing’ for a play we made for a

teacher who had worked at the school for thirty-two years and

crying because it reminded me of my grandpa.

I remember being scared about going to secondary school,

worrying that everybody would be mean.

I remember thinking that it wasn’t that bad after all…

I remember being in the school play and making friends with a

girl in Year 9.

I remember making friends with a girl called Ada. Even though

she moved school we’re still great friends.

I wonder now what will happen in the future…


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