Wrestling Bears by Willowfield School

These are poems about the shock of loss: ‘I have shed more tears than you’ (Safia Hussain.) These are poems about the hypocrisy of adults: ‘They only care when you make mistakes’ (Nirvana Khan.) These are poems about finding strength inside loneliness: ‘His voice bellows through an empty hall’ (Sabrine Elouali.) Most of all, these are poems about refusing to blindly accept the world as it is offered…

Caroline Bird, First Story writer-in-residence at Willowfield School.

I Don’t Know if You Know but…

By Sabrine Elouali

His voice bellows through an empty hall,

barely there to answer a call,

why was it like this? I ask,

to think about it is a daring task.

No emotion, a blank page,

his spirit seems to grow with age,

the purple, blue and orange;

seem to be the most important to him.

Tales being told, just shattered glass,

is everyone seeing through his mask?

Piercing through and tearing up,

whatever happened to the love?


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