Tim Griggs

Wednesday 27 November 2013

We are deeply grateful to Jenny Hislop who has chosen to pay tribute to her late husband, Tim Griggs, by requesting donations to First Story in lieu of flowers.


Driven by a yearning for adventure and desire to ‘tell stories’, Tim Griggs led an extremely rich and varied life across four different continents: from his native England, to Northern Nigeria, Taiwan and Sydney, where he met his wife, Jenny. Tim’s career was just as varied, ranging from reporter and feature writer, to Publications Secretary for an agricultural research centre, and founder of the Australian PR agency, The Corporate Storyteller.

Also a novelist and short story writer, Tim’s work is rooted in his diverse experiences. His books, including Redemption Blues (2000), The Warning Bell (2009), Distant Thunder (2012) and The End of Winter (2013) are available to buy through Amazon.

We are incredibly moved by Jenny’s generous and imaginative gesture, and the in memoriam donations from Tim’s funeral will help to support First Story’s creative-writing projects in challenging UK secondary schools.

See Tim Griggs’ website for further information.


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