‘Writing’ by Megan Lange

Over 800 students took part in First Story’s 2015 Young Writers’ Festival, marking the start of a brand new year of creative writing. They participated in workshops and listened to inspiring talks from our wonderful keynote speakers, Patrick Ness and Sally Green. Each day closed with students reading their own work written during the day to the entire marquee of students, teachers, writers and guests. Babington Community College student, Megan Lange read her short meditation on the act of writing, captivating us all. 

As my pen touches the paper, I feel my thoughts leak out onto the page, forever captured on the paper. My hand moves faster as my mind leaks more ideas and imprints them onto the world. I stop. For once my head is clear, and all that once cluttered it is scribbled in messy handwriting. I realise how powerful ink is, to capture each one of those words, and when I read it I hold my breath, and let the memories wash over me once more. I realise that I don’t care if it’s amazing or bad, or somewhere in between. I don’t care because however it turns out, it is mine, and in that moment I realise how powerful the written word is, and I knew how to tell the world how I feel.


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