‘Changing Horizon’, by Henna Ravjibhai

On 11th January, over 120 students from our schools in Yorkshire came together to participate in our Regional Creative Writing Event at the University of Huddersfield. First Story students were given tours of the campus and took part in writing workshops on the theme of ‘Horizons’. They were also greeted by performances from Kate Fox and her students at Feversham College, Safeerah Mughal and Ikraa Jabeen, and a guest address from Guardian First Book Award-winner Andrew McMillan. At the end of the day, our young writers took to the stage showcasing their inspired responses. Here is one interpretation of what horizons might mean from a student of Appleton Academy, Henna Ravjibhai. 

We started to get worried when we needed binoculars to see the trees. What should have been 30-foot horsechestnuts, were now 3 centimetres high. The buildings seemed to have taken a shrinking potion, like the one in Alice in Wonderland. Slowly but surely, they shrank into glass dice, some oblong, some square. We worried when roads became narrower and shorter, vehicles became little moving dots. But what worried us most was when the children started to get shorter instead of taller. So did the rest of us, fitting into the tiny dots of cars, walking around in the glass dice. One day, the ground began to move left and right, snow came off the ground and fell on us again. It only appeared to us when we were snow-globe small and stuck.


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