‘Brautu’ by Shakira Irfan

We’re enjoying the summer sun and celebrating the work written on our summer residential courses. The following story was produced in the beautiful old barn at Arvon’s Totleigh Barton centre in a workshop led by Jasmine Cooray, during which the young writers were asked to form and define new words. The word ‘brautu’ was created by Wembley High Technology College student Shakira Irfan, and it describes “the kind of beauty that only exists within and is a wonder to be around”.


Brautu is a man in his mid-twenties. He is a tattoo artist and plays the parts of giver and receiver. He is white skin with embellished tapestry on every visible space. Brautu is in his green eyes and in the way he shaves his hair yearly for charity. His patience and forgiveness is the old bark on trees we carve initials on. Brautu stems from the way he thinks and feels, in the way his dinner is always a vegetarian option from that Japanese restaurant. It is the way he’d run with six dogs in the pouring rain. Brautu is a man in his mid-twenties and Brautu is too far away.


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