‘Home’ by Jesse April

Today’s Friday Story was written during the First Story summer residential course held at The Hurst in Shropshire, one of Arvon’s writers centres. In a workshop led by poet and scriptwriter Anjum Malik, students explored the themes of identity, background and home. This prompted Jesse April, a student of Nottingham Academy – Ransom Road, to combine English and Afrikaans in her writing. On the final night of the residential, she delighted her peers with a wonderful reading of her poem titled ‘Home’.


Home is where the heart is
As most would say
Even though sometimes that
Can be far away

My home is South Africa
Quite some miles away
My Ouma en familie
Ek dink hulle is bly

Die ding met familie is
Hul is altyd in jou haart
So if I really think about it
We’re not so far apart


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