‘My Pillars’ by Sydney Turner

Last week over 600 students from across the country filled the grounds of Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford, for our two-day Young Writers’ Festival, which was packed with talks, workshops and performances. From readings delivered by First Story alumni to conversations with award-winning authors Anthony McGowan, Dave Rudden, Juno Dawson, Laura Dockrill and Naomi Alderman, the whole event buzzed with the excitement of students inspired by the power of writing. ‘My Pillars’ was written at the Festival in a workshop by one of our new First Story young writers, Sydney Turner, a student from St. Martin-in-the-Fields High School for Girls.


My Pillars

You are grey because you’re calming and you border light and dark.
You are Pluto because you’re small yet people care about you.
You are a digestive because people can’t help but want to know more about you.
You are a blobfish because people just can’t help but look at you.
You are a fox because you’re timid and shy, but aggressive when you know it’s right.
You are Jennifer Lawrence because you aren’t afraid to be yourself.
You are Japan because you’re strange and unusual but your history is rich and full of beauty.
You are you and you should always be you, no matter what happens – you will always be you, because everybody else is already taken.


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