Friday Story, Argtim Abisi

Today’s Friday Story offers a sneak-peak at one of the pieces featured in the newly published First Story Residential Anthology! Written by Skinners’ Academy student Argtim Abisi at the Totleigh Barton Residential, this poem is a moving exploration of estrangement, loneliness and loss.

They sit together on a sofa. One they’d found outside earlier.
Their hands and feet are still and resting.
Mannequins would make better company.
They watch TV, moving images,
They’re avoiding the other as much as they can.

The light is on,
The blinds, closed
The breathing is steady,
But there are more sighs and yawns than words.
So many years of acknowledgement don’t seem apparent,
Like strangers from opposite corners of the universe,
With nothing in common,
Not anymore.

“Sorry,” says one.
The other one can’t reply.


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