‘Memories That Were Never Used’ by Stephan Andrews

This year we launched our First Story hub in the South West, and we have been delighted to see brilliant writing coming out of the region from our newest First Story students. Only last week, the First Story group of Hans Price Academy travelled to the shores of Weston-Super-Mare beach to write and share poetry inspired by their hometown. Today’s Friday Story comes from Hans Price Academy student Stephan Andrews, who is working this year with poet and short-story writer Rebecca Tantony.

Memories that were never used

Remember how people forgot?
About how we were nothing
before our mum and dads met;

before the first kiss, before
the first date, before the first
try for a baby.

I remember when we were kids
and going round friend’s houses
was the best time ever.

When their parents used to buy us
takeaway. When we tried to do all nighters,
but before the sun rose we passed out,

like we had never slept before.


Click here to download a PDF version of Stephan’s poem.



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