‘To Be Happy’ by Laura Rose

As the cold of December sets in, celebrations filled with hot mince pies and mulled wine are one way to stave off the month’s chills. And while these comforting treats may warm you up this festive season, sometimes food for thought can make you happy too. Today’s Friday story will do just that.

To Be Happy

To be happy,
You need the feeling of the cold hard sky,
The sound of the wind,
And the sight of a thousand bright clouds,
You need the smell of soil underfoot.

To be happy,
You need the feeling of the softest drop of water,
The sound of the world spinning underneath you,
The sight of a squirrel scampering up a tree,
You need the smell of each blade of grass.

To be happy,
You need the taste of the first snowflake of winter,
The sight of frost upon leaves,
The feeling of sharp ice on your finger,
You need the sound of footprints in snow.

Laura Rose, Cheney School

Click here to download a PDF version of Laura’s poem


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