‘A Blank Page’ by Olivia Hayes

With a line-up of exciting First Story events and activities — and not least with the launch of the UK’s first ever National Writing Day — 2017 looks to be a good year for creative writing. As we all settle into January, we banish the threat of the new year’s proverbial blank page, with First Story student Olivia Hayes leading by example when she refuses to let it thwart her creativity.
A Blank Page
It stares at me,
with cold unloving eyes.
I want to create, to make something,
but all I see is white.

It mocks me,
sees me for my lack of ideas,
never sees my creation,
dies when I start to write.

I look at it, it looks at me.
A blank page,
intimidating, restless.
I fill it with black.


Click here to download a PDF version of Olivia’s poem


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