‘The Shortest Story’ by Lydia Shackleton

On 21st June 2017, First Story and partner arts and education organisations across the UK are joining ranks to get everyone, everywhere writing! On National Writing Day, we want you, your school, your community, your business to tell your stories. If you, like us, can’t wait until 21st June to get writing, then head over to the National Writing Day website to explore the free writing resources and tips that will spark your imagination. And if you’re inclined to think you need to be an official author to play around with words, then let Bradford Academy student Lydia Shackleton convince you otherwise in today’s Friday Story. 


The Shortest Story
I’m unofficially an author.
I write unofficial works that are unofficially read
by unofficial people.
I go to unofficial signings
and unofficially sign
my unofficial works
for unofficial fans
with my unofficial signature.
And it’s all done very



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