‘Last Story’ by Kate Fox

Here at First Story, so much of what we do is about firsts: from that first time you pick up a pen, to the first time you brave reading your work aloud, to that first burst of pride you feel when a piece of writing is published. But as Kate Fox, who was the writer-in-residence at Feversham College between 2013-16, writes, even when things seem to be coming to an end, the bonds created at First Story are far-reaching – and in a sense, endless:

‘Last Story’ by Kate Fox
Look where our thoughts led,
from being lionesses who cannot be tamed,
to Game Over,
from taking your whole house on holiday
to walking together,
from words echoing to following her alone.
Every finishing line is another place to start,
home is and isn’t where we keep our heart.

We let each other into our worlds,
played our soundtracks on a boombox,
how we soared,
how we roared.

We mainlined sugar,
while asking who we will be,
and what they care about fairness
or truth, or being free.
We created new people, lexicons, universes,
a family.

They heard us over the airwaves,
in parliamentary parlours,
in school halls
and city halls,
in green fields,
galleries, cafes
and in their heads.

We’ve said there’s truth behind the veil,
that our love is unbound,
that we can run off the edge of the world.

It’s never the end of the story.
At the margins
of the next blank page,
we’ll meet each other still

there’s a Babel Tower stack of books
we have yet to fill.


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