‘Irresistible Memories’ by Samirah Moumin

This week’s Friday Story comes from Samirah Moumin, a student at George Green’s School, where they worked with spoken-word artist, novelist, playwright and screenwriter Steven Camden. On National Writing Day, we are asking everyone, everywhere to write about the view from their window. This poem, with its vivid sense of place, evokes the wonder and memories stirred up by the view the author looks upon.

Irresistible Memories by Samirah Moumin

On my phone
5:21 PM
Vacation in Dubai
Particles of dust dance in the beams of light
Coming through the huge window
A backdrop of skyscrapers
An ombre sky
Making me dream into the wonders

I can hear a fountain and my mind
Sees my hand dipping
Into cool water
Hiding from the heat

How much more is there
That can be fascinating?

I am amazed.


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