‘Red Light’ by Aziza Brown

Wednesday was a very special day for First Story. We launched the UK’s first ever National Writing Day with partners across the country and we were absolutely blown away with the response. We asked everyone to look out of their windows and write about their view, and we were inundated with stories, poems, dialogues and even raps that gave us an insight into windows all across the UK. 

We read your unique
views from museums and trains, from houses and schools and from libraries and hotels. Through your words, we gazed on sun-soaked gardens, bustling city streets, sticky commutes, skyscapes at sunset and laughter-filled playgrounds. Some used memories, some described the concrete details right in front of them, and some took an imaginative leap into other worlds.

Here, Aziza Brown, a First Story student at St Martin-in-the-Fields High School for Girls took her inspiration from a bus window.



Red Light by Aziza Brown

Have you ever sat on the upper deck of a bus,
And at the traffic light looked across

And seen someone directly opposite you

Look away?

It’s weird because.

If there weren’t two windows between

You both then you’d be

Close enough to touch.

Not that you would touch.

But, you know.

It’d be possible.


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