‘The Elephant’ by Natalie McKnight

This week, we invite you to read Natalie McKnight’s poem, which touchingly emphasises both the preciousness and plight of the elephant. Natalie is part of the First Story group at Appleton Academy in Bradford, where students worked closely with writer-in-residence Nick Toczek to create not only their anthology, but also a CD featuring audio recordings of their creative writing, which were revealed at their anthology launch on the 6th July.


The Elephant by Natalie McKnight

Jewels shine bright as the future it holds.
Silver as rich as its past.
Its cream skin as innocent as it once was.
Its tusks filled with ivory so craved.
Its soles patterned with scars.
Its ears made large with the fear it knows.
Its eyes piercing, filled with the horrors seen.
So majestic and tall it may seem,
But the elephant song does not sing.


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