‘Trees’ by Jodie Doughty

For many of us, the first poetry we encountered in childhood was nonsense verse, such as selections by Lewis Carroll, Spike Milligan and Michael Rosen. Joyful and silly, nonsense poems celebrate the beauty of playing with language and remind us why we fell in love with poetry.

Continuing this tradition is ‘Trees’ by Jodie Doughty, an imaginative poem that conjures the image of trees secretly uprooting themselves to dance. Jodie is a member of the new First Story group at The Priory Witham Academy in Lincoln. This poem was written in a workshop led by writer-in-residence Kerry Drewery.

We’re delighted to share this first piece from the 2017-18 First Story cohort and look forward to sharing many more of the pieces which will feature in our 2018 anthologies.

‘Trees’ by Jodie Doughty

Trees like to dance
Trees love to prance
I’ve never seen them do it
But I’ve never had the chance

Trees have cotton candy hair
Trees soar through the air
I think they’re unware
That their feet are bare.


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