‘His World’ by Reece Brown

At First Story, we encourage students to draw on their own experiences to inspire their writing. This helps students find their own unique voice and realise that their stories are important. Reece Brown’s poem ‘His World’ is a wonderful example of the way the personal and everyday – dirty plates, our home towns, our families – can be the subject of extraordinary writing.

Reece was a member of the First Story group at The Orchard School in Bristol, led by writer-in-residence Angie Belcher.

‘His World’ by Reece Brown

He made a mountain of pillows in a disarray of sizes
Climbed to the peak and looked over the room with triumph
He gazed out of a shoddy window upon the broken world of
Looking down at the giants that were his parents
He felt the mountain shake and an avalanche break free
He crashed from the peak into the grasps of death
The pale walls are like bone and the sound of silence studies the
room like a Theremin
Plates with ancient food are overdue a rinse with damp mould
The air is stressed and the heat immense
His room is silent like a rudiment heart.


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