‘The Water’ by Ned Prevezer

With Valentine’s Day approaching, what better way to prepare than with a poem about love?

Far from the hackneyed sentiments of Valentine’s card verses, Ned Prevezer’s poem ‘The Water’ evokes in clear, fresh terms the image of love as water – pure and boundless.

Ned was a member of the First Story group at Holland Park School led by writer-in-residence Leo Benedictus. To read more of Ned’s poetry, you can buy the group’s anthology, Tales from the Fourth Floor, here.

‘The Water’ by Ned Prevezer

If love were measured in water,
Mine for the world,
Would be as an alpine stream
Flowing down the sheer cliff face,
Melted in the April sun,
Falling to the vast river
At the foot of the mountain.

But for you,

A Neptunian ocean
With no shores to hold it,
A plume of Europa
Reaching out into obscurity.

Separate from this world.


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