‘Never Trust a Full Moon’ by Kathryn Alice Ager

‘Home’ is one of the most prominent themes of Our Streets, the anthology of writing by First Story students at Winifred Holtby Academy. Some students wrote about their pride in Hull, others about life with their family. In this surreal and fun flash fiction piece by Kathryn Alice Ager, home is something that wanders off in the night sometimes. Kathryn plays with ideas like ‘moving house’ to create a piece which stirs your imagination and provokes questions such as: what do its legs look like? How did this start? Was it bitten by a warehouse?

To read more creative writing by Kathryn and the other students at Winifred Holtby Academy, you can buy the group’s anthology, Our Streets, here.

‘Never Trust a Full Moon’ by Kathryn Alice Ager

On the night of the full moon, something mysterious happens that I just can’t explain. It’s probably best if I show you.
One night, we realised our home was gone. Gone! At first we thought it was merely invisible, so we tried to feel for the blunt walls of our house, but we just fell flat on our faces. Panic. So we set off to see if we could find our home walking around, as they do.
And it was.
When people of Hull saw our house walking through their town, not a care in the world, they were terrified. They all ran into their own houses, promising never to come out unless that vicious monster was gone for good – but little did they know, it does this every full moon. Now this family who own the house, they stay up every night, on the full moon, looking for their wandering house. And when it’s back where it should be by morning, they’re so tired they can barely keep their eyes open. So they sleep all through the big bright day and stay awake all night long.
But one full moon, the house didn’t go wandering. It raised itself up and started swaying from side-to-side, the terrified family inside.
Life’s too short to live like this.
The family never looked back at that house – they just walked away from it. Now it’s just abandoned. It only comes alive when it knows people are living in it…


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