‘Gone’ by Joe Pocknell

Today’s Friday Story features ‘Gone,’ a flash fiction piece by Joe Pocknell. In a brief space, Joe articulates a powerful story of loss.

Joe is a member of the First Story group at Raine’s Foundation School, led by writer-in-residence Jarred McGinnis. To read more work by Joe and the other members of the group, look out for the school’s anthology, which will be published later this year.

‘Gone’ by Joe Pocknell

She walked into the kitchen. On a dish, on a shelf, above the sink, it sat. Her father gave it to her. Every day, she went to the kitchen and didn’t notice it. The watch was good. It shined and its glass sparked in the morning light. Then one morning it was gone. She never noticed the watch when it was there, but that empty dish, on the shelf, above the sink, she noticed that every day.


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