‘My Granddad Knows’ by Raasmiya Makda

Earlier this year, the First Story group at Judgemeadow Community College, led by writer-in-residence Dan Powell, wrote, in one of their workshops, poems inspired by the style of Malika Booker’s ‘My Mother’s Blues.

Student Raasmiya Makda wrote this piece, filled with empathy and touching detail. To read more writing by Raasmiya and the rest of the group, keep an eye out for their anthology, I right Inglish more goodlyer then U! which will be published later this year, and will be available to purchase from our website.

‘My Granddad Knows’ (After Malika Booker)

by Raasmiya Makda

My Granddad knows hardship,
every shilling made with his charcoal-stained hands hardship,
each thread healing the torn skin of worn out trousers hardship,
the weight of moving abroad, risking it all for his family hardship.

My Granddad knows regret,
every puff, more passionate than the one before, regret,
every lighter lit yet only to do harm regret,
years of crap thrown down to him, never fighting back,
yet this time wasn’t regret, was to this day, is still,

My Granddad knows wisdom,
every sacrifice benefiting the rest wisdom,
each bedtime story fulfilled with new action wisdom,
every battle overcome by what? That’s right! wisdom.

My Granddad knows pride,
every child walking out the door heading to university pride,
holding each of six grandchildren in his fragile, warm arms pride,
knowing that we’d always be united to the end,
knowing that I’d always be the apple of his eye pride.


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