‘Missing Home’ by Heidi Carrillo

Today’s Friday Story features ‘Missing Home’ by Heidi Carillo, a student at St Gabriel’s College in London. This piece is filled with longing, for home, for the tastes and smells remembered from childhood. Though the reader may not share Heidi’s memories, her vivid descriptions recall shared sensations and encourage us to reflect on our own former homes.

Heidi was a member of the First Story group led by Francesca Beard. You can read more of the group’s work in their anthology, Post Truth Silent Disco, which is available here.

‘Missing Home’ by Heidi Carrillo

Miss the sugar in churros and buñuelos,
Miss the incense burnt in iaia’s house after a long day of school,
Miss the firecrackers and burnt ninots, warming the nights in Falles,
Miss the Gothic buildings of Valencia,
Miss sleeping by the Mediterranean,
Miss the sun that follows you,
Miss mosaics that paint the walking trails of the coast,
Miss cold tiles in summer,
Miss the sounds that come from every different language in Brixton,
Miss the shopping in Oxford Street,
Miss the street theatre in Piccadilly Circus,
Miss long rides on a double-decker bus,
Miss the machines in the Trocadero, stealing my money,
Miss the untainted air in Freienwill,
Miss the nostalgic park of Baden,
Miss the unexplored mountains of Bern,
Miss the rural city of Zurich,
Miss the day I called an empty building home.


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