‘Acknowledgement’ by Sarah-Louise Weston

Today’s Friday Story features ‘Acknowledgement’, a moving poem by Sarah-Lousie Weston, a First Story student at Hans Price Academy, which expresses the emotial turmoil of being a young carer. The group at Hans Price Academy was led by writer-in-residence Rebecca Tantony.

You can read more work by Sarah-Louise and the rest of her group in their anthology,Our Hidden Universe, which is now available to pre-order here.

‘Acknowledgement’ by Sarah-Louise Weston

I am a young carer,
but I am also a young person.
I belong to a group of people
who hide in the shadows,

putting forth nothing
but love in tiny fractions.

For the people we care about
need it more than us.
‘I’m sorry I’m late,
there was a problem
with the wheelchair’;
or: ‘Ask again, for my mind
was far away’,

worrying if my mum
has taken her medication today.
I’d rather not say,
but I’m always looking over
my shoulder to make sure she’s okay.

I’m forever lifting feet onto a footplate though mine aren’t even on the ground.
Sometimes I’m treated like an adult
when I want to be a child.

Other times I’m treated like a child
when I feel like an adult.

For my responsibility is greater than yours.

And I don’t mind it one bit.
Yes, I’m a child,
and yes, I’m a carer.
But when I need it most
who cares for me?


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