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Anon by Sabiha Alam, Skinners’ Academy

Inspired by ‘The Family of Darius before Alexander’, Paolo Veronese, 1565-7 I’m scared. Apparently we have made some kind of mistake, but I don’t think its right for us to be here, pleading for our lives. All my life, I’ve been told we don’t bow down to anyone. We don’t beg for mercy. We are […]

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Impossible is Possible by Hamza, Willowfield Humanities College

Inspired by ‘Bacchus and Ariadne’, Titian, 1520-3 Stars in broad daylight. You would not believe it. Think of the sun, burning and blinding you. A Supernova exploding in your mind like. Pain and light coursing its way to your eyes. Your eyes reading the unreadable. The same intensity repeated seven times. The sky is so […]

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Anon by Himiko Shiragami, Willowfield Humanities College

Inspired by ‘An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump’, Joseph Wright  ‘of Derby’, 1768 My stomach grumbled as I swapped arms to hold up the stupid bird cage. It made my arms and hands ache with the strain of pulling the rope down, preventing the cage from falling right on my head. I […]

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