Coming Home: Writing Prompt

  • Think of ten things you see when coming home, e.g. ‘a green front door’, ‘the hook where I leave my keys’, or ‘the smell of onions frying’.
  • Write a poem about ‘Coming Home’ that is in the second person and lists all the things you see, hear, smell, touch, and taste when coming home. ‘You are the green front door, you are the hook where I leave my keys, you are the smell of onions frying…’

Below is an example of a twist on the prompt above.

‘The Way Home Smiles’ by Caitlin Leach, First Story Young Writer

I hear Dad sigh
The way he did when he scratched his forehead.
I hear Willow purr
The way she did when she clawed at the carpet on the stairs.
I hear the drain swallow water
The way it did when the basin was emptied.
I hear the plates clap against the table
The way they did when Mum put out our tea.
I hear Holly thump down the stairs
The way she’d jump two at a time.
I hear Walle growl
The way he did when he craved attention
I hear Caden laugh
The way he did when his imagination took over.
I hear the kettle grumble
The way it did when guests came round.
I hear the click of a light switch.