Here you can find information about a number of different competitions First Story runs throughout the school year for both First Story schools and other state secondary schools.

If you have any questions about competitions, please email info[at]firststory[dot]org[dot]uk for further information.



The Deadline for the 100-Word Story Competition is 25th January

For more details please download this 100-Word Story Competition Guidance Pack

Terms & Conditions

  • This competition is only open to young writers in the First Story Creative Writing Group.
  • No previously published pieces can be accepted as entries to the competition. Exceptions may be made for pieces published in internal school newsletters or chapbooks
  • Entries can be prose or poetry and can be on any theme and must run to no more than 100 words.

Competition Structure:
The competition is split into two stages:

  1. School Level: Students will submit their stories to teachers and their schools’ Writer-in-Residence – the three best pieces will go forward into the national competition
  2. National Level: First Story will shortlist and pick one overall winner. All shortlisted entries will be published on our website

The Prize:
We will identify a winner for each school and an overall national winner from the shortlist. All prizes are generously provided by our partner Vintage Publishing.

The national winner will receive a professionally designed and printed set of postcards with their story, plus 5 books for the student plus 10 books for their school library.

The runner-up will receive a professionally designed and printed set of postcards with their story, 3 books for the student plus 5 books for their school library.

Each school winner will receive a professionally designed and printed set of postcards with their story and 2 books for the student (up to 30 schools).

How to Enter:
Once you have made your school level selection entries, a maximum of three entries
must be submitted via our online form: 

N.B. Every entry must be accompanied by a completed IP CONSENT FORM. These forms can be attached electronically but must also be sent in physical form to First Story, Omnibus Business Centre, 39-41 North Road, London, N7 9DP.

Friday 25th January – Competition entries due to First Story

We suggest having Friday 18th January as an internal closing date for schools to collect student pieces, giving time for teachers and writers to shortlist to their top three entries and send to First Story by Friday 25th January.

Past Winners:
You can view the past winning entries here:



Our 6-Word Story Competition is now closed

Our 6-Word Story Competition has closed for another year; we received a record number of entries this year and want to thank every young writer for sharing some cracking stories with us.

We’re delighted to announce that Kingsley Campbell-Carter from Malet Lambert School in Hull has been selected as the winner with his story:

‘Christmas came around… so did bailiffs’

We think it has a clever twist and it will now be printed onto pencils.

Two other stories were highly commended by our judges and our congratulations go also to:

Emily Whiteley at Titus Salt School for her story: ‘Dog barking, no squirrel, wrong tree.’

And Keyuri Adatia at City of Leicester College for: ‘Magic trick gone wrong. Audience silent.’

Judge Peter Hobbs said:

‘There were so many great stories that were neat, or clever, or playful, or funny. I had quite a few favourites. But the best of them – like the winner – didn’t so much tell a story, as create a space that allowed a story to exist. They made a virtue of their brevity; they left things unsaid that were still present for the reader, so you had the sense that there was a whole world out there behind the six words.’

Winners from previous years include:

Rapunzel wore wig. Prince sadly died. – Simran Nath
Basket case tabby destroys wicker home – Lucy Deakin
Tried being normal. Worst two minutes – Lauren Gacheru.
Went to shops. Won lottery. Sorted – Jordan Wildman.
Happy endings are just unfinished stories – Nicola Kerry.
Broke Pencil. Bought Pencil. Broke Pencil – Ezra Glasstone.