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Chocolate Box by Nottingham Girls’ Academy

How do you teach writers to write? The truth is, you don’t. There’s no formula, manual or step-by-step guide and even if there was, no artist should follow the rules. We all have to find our own way, and crucially, our own individual voice. Ask ‘what do I care about? What makes me angry? What […]

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Writing on Light By Holland Park School

Writing on Light is an anthology of stories and poems by students in the First Story group at Holland Park School, where I’ve been Writer-in-Residence since September 2011. When I say “Writer-in-Residence” I don’t mean that I’ve actually been living there, although the new Reception area, with its glass sides and orchids and low chrome-and-leather […]

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Wrestling Bears by Willowfield School

These are poems about the shock of loss: ‘I have shed more tears than you’ (Safia Hussain.) These are poems about the hypocrisy of adults: ‘They only care when you make mistakes’ (Nirvana Khan.) These are poems about finding strength inside loneliness: ‘His voice bellows through an empty hall’ (Sabrine Elouali.) Most of all, these […]

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