Gemma Thorpe, Teacher

‘September 2015: shy, curious faces awaited the arrival of Brigshaw’s first ‘resident writer’. Biscuits in hand, our pupils pondered and questioned ‘what a resident writer was’ and what exactly awaited them on their first ever First Story experience.

Soon enough it became clear what these sessions were about: confidence building, challenge, overcoming fear, self-discipline, showing off and most importantly the chance to wear a daft hat and talk about words.

Each and every pupil has had the opportunity to express themselves with language they playfully crafted thanks to the expertise of Andy. Watching and listening to young people shape words into something brave, original, intelligent and funny has been a privilege.

Our [writing] offers an insight into the minds of the creative young people within our community. It showcases what we can do when someone offers us support, time, quality education and the chance to be creative, just because…’


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